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Smoke alarms and your safety!

Smoke alarms are an important defense against injury or death in house fires. Statistics from the National Fire Protection Association show that nearly two-thirds of home fire fatalities occur in homes with non-working or missing smoke detectors. Most building codes now require smoke detectors in all residential structures, which has resulted in a steep drop in fire- and smoke-related deaths. Homeowners should check with their local public safety office or fire department for specific information on these requirements.

As in real estate, location is key! Smoke alarms should be in installed every bedroom, outside every sleeping area, and on each level of the home.

Alarms should be placed high on a wall or on the ceiling. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for placement. High, peaked ceilings have dead air space at the top; in these instances smoke alarms should be placed no closer than 3 feet from the highest point.

For areas close to the kitchen, use a detector with a “hush button” that can be used to silence nuisance alarms triggered by cooking smoke or steam. Alternatively, consider installing a photoelectric alarm near the kitchen, which will not be triggered by cooking. No matter which type is used, never remove the unit’s battery to stop or prevent nuisance alarms.

There are two primary types of smoke alarm technology: ionization and photoelectric. According to the National Fire Protection Association, ionization alarms are more responsive to flames, while photoelectric alarms are more sensitive to smoldering fires. For the most comprehensive protection, both types or a combination unit should be installed.

Test each alarm monthly. It’s helpful to put a reminder in the calendar to do this on the first or last day of the month, for example. The units have a test button that will sound the alarm for a moment or two when pressed. Any alarm that fails to sound should have the battery replaced. If the test button fails with a new battery, replace the entire detector immediately. Monthly testing is also an ideal time to dust off the unit so that it continues to work properly.

Replace the batteries at least once a year. A common rule of thumb is to do this when changing to or from Daylight Saving Time in fall or spring. Remember, a non-working alarm is no better than no alarm at all. Some alarms now come with 10-year lithium batteries that eliminate the need for new batteries, but the unit itself must be replaced after its stated lifespan.

If the alarms are hard-wired to the home’s electrical system, make sure they are interconnected for maximum effectiveness – meaning that if one alarm is triggered, all of the others will sound as well. Any hard-wired alarms, interconnected or not, should be installed by a licensed electrician for safety and proper operation.

The newest type of interconnected alarms are wireless. This technology allows detectors to communicate with one another and, like their hard-wired cousins, will sound all of the units at the same time even if just one is triggered initially.

Mote Marine Aquarium



Open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 365 days a year.

Mote Marine Laboratory, 1600 Ken Thompson Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34236.

Explore the secrets of the sea through touch pools, viewable-working labs and high-tech interactive exhibits that showcase the world-renowned research of Mote Marine Laboratory. See sharksmanatees and sea turtles, along with more than 100 other species of marine life.

Click here for website

Longboat Key is Rated No. 9 in Top U.S. Islands


Conde Nast rated Longboat Key as the no. 9 best island in the US in their Traveler’s 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards. Longboat Key’s elegant and refined personality is what helped it get this ranking, as well as it’s hidden gems, such as Quick Point Nature Preserve. Only one other location in Florida made the list. You can read the full article here.

Mid-Summer Picnic

On Wednesday the Wicker Inn held a mid-summer picnic for all of our guests, including members of a 45-person family reunion. The pool-side gathering was the perfect way to celebrate the beautiful sunny days of summer. A great time was had by all!

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Sea Turtle Nests at Wicker Inn

It’s Sea Turtle season! There are currently three turtle nests on the Wicker Inn beach. Sea turtles are an endangered species and are highly protected on the Gulf Coast beaches. Longboat Key Turtle Watch volunteers walk the beach daily to ensure the endangered species’ nests are undisturbed. It is important to remove all of your garbage and belongings and leave only your footprints behind. No flash photography is allowed. Also it is important to turn off or shield lights visible from the beach.

turtle nest2 turtle nest

Wedding preparations underway at Wicker Inn!

We hosted a spectacular May wedding with the ceremony on the beach and the reception following under a beautifully decorated white tent spanning the back parking lot of the Wicker Inn. There was a delicious catered dinner and dancing following . The bride and groom and wedding attendants where very happy with the outcome! Be sure to keep checking back for the actual wedding photos…

Longboat Key Chamber Event at Wicker Inn

On September 25th, Wicker Inn hosted the “Business After Hours” Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce event.  The gathering took place poolside with featured tours of the newly remodeled Bougainvillea guest cottage, Hibiscus and Orchid suites.  Catered by the Lazy Lobster of Longboat Key and attended by roughly 65 members and friends, the event was a great success!

4th of July Cookout

We had a poolside cookout to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th.  All of the Wicker Inn guests were in attendance and feasted on grilled hot dogs with all the trimmings, potato salad, crunchy cole slaw, chips, cookies and lemonade.  Please enjoy these photos from our fun-filled family picnic!

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration at Wicker Inn

Ron and Jonnie S. Celebrated their 50th anniversary with a week long stay this past June at Wicker Inn.  This is their second year in a row  booking five guest suites for their entire family! They have already made their 2015 reservations, and we look forward to having this wonderful family join us again next summer.

Beautiful day at Wicker Inn

Ahhh!  So many improvements and upgrades here at Wicker Inn that it’s hard to know where to start.  The pool was resurfaced and tiled in December and is absolutely stunning.  The crystal blue pool water now matches the clear blue sky here on Longboat Key. Additionally, we have added new flat screen TV’s to all of the guest bedrooms in every suite.  A new white picket fence to replace the old one was put in just last week, and a new trellis added just yesterday to the front of the Magnolia/Primrose building.  We are debating on growing another purple Bougainvillea or a white Confederate Jasmine on this trellis. Any thoughts?  New shell borders have been placed as well as picnic tables, benches,  and barbecue side tables for each barbecue grill!  The landscaping is never ending, but always a show stopper!  Everyday we continue to greet those vacation seekers who love the charming curb appeal of Wicker Inn and want to make future plans for their perfect family getaway. As always, we would love to have you here with us!  Until next time…